iPad Mini Review

One of the latest products from Apple’s production line is the famous iPad mini. This little tablet device, among other things faced some harsh criticism. Mainly because Steve Jobs though that current iPad size was perfect and he didn’t see the need to shrink the device. Steve had the same opinion about the 3.5 inch iPhone, but that didn’t stick around as well. Phones and tablets should be two separated markets, two completely different things, but current Apple’s administration obviously thinks otherwise since the size of iPhone and iPad is becoming more and more similar. Controversy aside, iPad mini is still a great little tablet and is entirely up to date.

If I’m not mistaken there are currently 12 versions of the iPad mini. There is a Wi-Fi only version with 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, and a Wi-Fi+4G version with 16, 32, or 64 GB. All of them are available in black or white. This time there is no difference in price among black and white versions. So except internal storage, color and 4G capability, all 12 versions have the same technical specifications. Starting with the screen, iPad mini features 7,9 inch one, LED backlit at XGA resolution (1024×768 pixels). Another great thing about the screen is the finger-print resistance, which would also be very nice to see on a smartphone. So it’s fair to say that display is good. Processor is also at a high level, a dual-core 1GHz chip that should keep things going smoothly. Both smartphone and tablet markets are flooded with the term quad-core, but you won’t notice much difference between quad-core and dual-core, unless you take it to the limit (full HD YouTube stream, high end games…). Camera is very good- a modern classic 5mp camera that captures 1080p video.

I don’t see the need of a better camera on any tablet, since it feels rather clumsy to use the device that way. But if you must, this camera will take care of some basic “capturing” needs. Of course, comparing a 12mp camera on a tablet/smartphone to a professional DSLR camera is outrageous. There are a lot more factors influencing the quality of a picture than just resolution. If you’re considering to buy an iPad or any other tablet for that matter, high internet speeds are a necessity rather than luxury to you. Well that isn’t a problem if you have iPad mini. Using DC-HDSPA you get up to 42 mbps download speeds, while LTE offers the standard 100mbps. That is the absolute maximum those technology offer, but in real world that number is approximately 4 times lower. Those are the main features. Except for those, you get a number of pre-installed apps, accelerometer, gps, gyro, and a whole bunch of neat stuff. Battery is quite a monster- instead of Li-Ion technology, iPad mini uses Li-Po which is somewhat better and more durable. Let’s say, with a full charge you could actively use it for 11 hours.

Compared to its older brother, iPad mini has a smaller screen (logically with lower resolution), and the iPad 4 has up to 128 GB of internal storage. It’s not that you will need that amount of storage, but neither do Bugatti Veyron owners regularly drive at 250 mph. If you wish to buy this device, you will need about 600$ for the best version or 350$ for the basic one. If you prefer pure performance over high internet speeds and good camera, better go with the Google Nexus 7 for 280$.

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